Quick Add for Notion

Quick Add for Notion


Finally, a quick add tool for Notion! Type CTRL+SPACE to instantly trigger Notion Quick Add wherever you are. Typing ENTER or clicking "Save" will automatically add a new entry to your database of choice.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed


Choose the database you want to quick add to


You can access this page by clicking the "Add To" button to the left of the "Save" button.

Secure by design: Using Notion's new public API


After you authenticate with Notion (this is the only request that must pass through our servers for security purposes), Quick Add for Notion directly communicates with Notion from your machine. These requests never pass through our servers. This makes Notion Quick Add more secure, more reliable, and super fast.

Private: Only expose the databases you want to


Support + Contact

Email: support@saturdayproducts.com


How do I type a new line?

Similar to Slack, hold the key while clicking the enter key: ⌘+ENTER

Does Quick Add for Notion support adding to pages that are not databases?

No. Today, Quick Add for Notion only supports adding new entries to databases.

I'm not seeing my database in the search results

Quick Add for Notion only has access to databases which you have shared with Quick Add for Notion. In order to share a new database with Notion Quick Add, you can use the "Share" button in the top right of any page. Then add the "Quick Add" integration to have access. See the below screenshot for the button to use:


How do I quit Notion Quick Add?

Right click on the Menubar icon:


Is Quick Add for Notion available for Windows?

Not at the moment. However, it is in alpha. We’d love for you to test it out - reach out to windows@saturdayproducts.com if you’re interested!

This isn’t what I expected, can I have a refund?

Sure. Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. Shoot us an email (support@saturdayproducts.com) and we’ll sort it out asap.

I got an Apple alert when trying to open the app that says the app needs to be updated, what should I do?

Open the application in Finder. Right click on the app, then select “Open”. When the dialog from Apple pops up, click “Open” again. We’re working on getting this resolved soon!

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